Since the development of the Clayeystone, we have been committed to recommending it to more architects and owners. This material is not only environmentally friendly, but also has more application scenarios than traditional quartz. In 2022, we took the lead in using Clayeystone as external facade of our own office building (installed in back-anchor way), which was also the first time for Clayeystone to be presented to the world in the form of dry-hanging exterior wall.

It is not only environmental-friendly, but also heat-resistant and easy to clean. Our technicians will also record and track the brightness and bending degree of Clayeystone at regular intervals to ensure it is a safe and qualified external facade material.

As the surface decoration of the exterior wall, Clayeystone has broken the limitation of single color of traditional granite and glass curtain wall. Architects can give full play to more imagination space, making the building more soulful and beautiful.